What's Clayton Wilcox Reading?

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools’ new superintendent has been reading up on our area, inside and outside the classroom. We asked him to share what’s been on his bookshelf the last few months.

The Dream Long Deferred, Frye Gaillard
One of the CMS Board members thought it might provide some context and understanding as I entered the community. It's a powerful read - the personal insights and passion are compelling. Given the discussions of the day, it might be a "required" reading for community leaders and those interested in the future of our community.

Moving to Charlotte, The Un-tourist Guide, Harry Hoover
Well, because I am. 

All the Trouble In the World, P.J. O'Rourke
Re-reading it because politics and the world have become so crazy - sometimes it helps to look at things again through the eyes of someone who sees the often crazy underside of someone else's serious side. 

Great By Choice, Jim Collins and Morten Hansen
A look at the how the unpredictable times we live in influence our performance and our success. It challenged some of my assumptions about responding fast, about being "first in" and change in general.

Armageddon in Retrospect, Kurt Vonnegut
I've always liked Vonnegut's style from Player Piano, to Slaughterhouse-Five, from Welcome to the Monkey House to Breakfast of Champions. This is a collection of writings that span a long portion of his career and I found myself watching his voice ebb and flow over the decades which strangely pulled me back to other books he wrote - forcing me to reread and remember different periods in my life. Which is so much of why I like Vonnegut - and why I like to read in general. Reading is like therapy for me - lost in a good book I almost always find peace. 

Rookie Smarts, Liz Wiseman
This book was recommended to me by a friend who is very successful and he found insights in it as he moved from a world he knew into another field which he didn't know well at all. I thought it was quietly brilliant and gave it to both of my kids this year as a Christmas gift because i want them to know that sometimes what you don't know empowers you to do spectacular things. There is a power in not knowing it can't be done!

1776, David McCullough
We all need to take stock of what really made our country great. 

The Secret Servant, Daniel Silva
It’s just a fun read. I’ve read all the Gabriel Allon novels.

2016-17 Adopted Budget, CMS
While not a page turner, its filled with the hopes, dreams and direction of our community.