What's Meredith Heimburger Reading?

We asked one of our newest board members what she's reading - when she's not juggling parenting, her role as Director of Sustainability at Global Endowment Management, and multiple volunteer and board commitments. Unsurprisingly, Meredith's bookshelf is juggling genres too! Here's what she told us:

What's Jennifer Green Reading?

Jennifer Green is extra busy these days. She's the Western Carolinas Director of Wealth Management at PNC, a Library Foundation board member...and she's rehearsing for her performance at the Dancing with the Stars of Charlotte Gala with the Charlotte Ballet. Jennifer will dance on March 3, 2018 to support our Charlotte Mecklenburg Library Foundation, so we don’t want to distract her! But in between practice sessions, she still finds time to read.

Philanthropy Ambassador Awarded

Each October, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library staff from all 20 locations convene at ImaginOn for a day of professional development, training, camaraderie, reflections on the year’s achievements and strategic priorities for the year ahead.

Paws to Thank You!

Yesterday was Giving Tuesday, and on this global day of philanthropy many worthy organizations ask for support. We looked at Library services through the eyes of Bedford Book, an exuberant Library ambassador who happens to be a golden retriever.

A Gift of Opportunity, One Person at a Time

On this Giving Tuesday, we are surrounded by messages encouraging and celebrating philanthropy, and worthy organizations across the globe share statistics to demonstrate the scale of their impact. With so much emphasis on the big picture, it’s easy to lose sight of the real way our Charlotte Mecklenburg Library makes a difference: one individual at a time.