Questions and Answers and More Questions

We’ve been asking a lot of questions – and that’s the point of the Public Commons @ Main Library events in and around Main Library.  Here’s what we’ve been asking over the last few weeks.

Prototyping Programs for Main Library

If you’ve noticed unusual activities popping up in and around 310 North Tryon Street, that’s by design. Public Commons @ Main Library is a series of events meant to test new opportunities for people to participate in Main Library programs. 

Belk Foundation Invests in Efforts to Double 3rd Grade Reading Proficiency

A grant of $100,000 from The Belk Foundation to the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library Foundation will dramatically expand the Library’s efforts to address the challenge of third grade reading proficiency through Active Reading training. “Active reading means reading with children, rather than just reading aloud to children,” says Johanna Anderson, Executive Director of The Belk Foundation. “Research has proven that Active Reading builds vocabulary and comprehension, core components to literacy.

What's Joan Zimmerman Reading?

We asked Southern Shows, Inc founder Joan Zimmerman what she reads, and she confessed that she's recently switched to reading e-books on her NOOK...but she still buys hard copies of the keepers. Here are a few of Joan's keepers:

What's Tom Hanchett Reading?

Dr. Tom Hanchett retired recently after many years with Levine Museum of the New South and earlier with Charlotte Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks. But he hasn’t given up work as a community historian. He writes a column on international restaurants for the Charlotte Observer, “Food From Home,” gives tours including the ongoing “Charlotte in Black & White and More” for Community Building Initiative, and lectures frequently on our city’s history. Find his writings at