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Darius Chase met Melanie Lewis, a Charlotte Mecklenburg Library children’s librarian, at a holiday gathering last December. As they chatted, Darius revealed that he and his wife were struggling with helping their daughter Kylee learn to read. Melanie told him about Active Reading and shared some strategies for engaging with the pictures, words and ideas in a book.

Back at the Library, Melanie followed up with Darius and sent him some information about upcoming Active Reading workshops and other programs. He got a library card and Darius and his family are now regulars at the South County location. He recently checked in again, “My wife and I have been practicing Active Reading with our daughter, and what a difference it’s made! She is following the story as she reads it and she’s found the joy in reading. She’s completing some books in just a day, and her progress report last week had her at a 3 (satisfactory) for the first time all year. Thank you for all you do!”

Active Reading involves reading a book with a child rather than to a child. This research-based approach improves children’s language skills, vocabulary, and ability to understand what they read on their own. Over the past year, the Library has been training families and caregivers of children as young as six months in the strategies of Active Reading, using a curriculum developed in partnership with Read Charlotte. The 4-part workshops are a critical piece of our community’s promise to double the rate of 3rd grade reading proficiency by 2025.

You can help!

The Library is actively seeking volunteers to lead Active Reading workshops to families and caregivers throughout Mecklenburg County. Training is provided, and this is an excellent opportunity to make a real impact in the lives of children and families.

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