Your Library Foundation just closed its eighth fiscal year. It’s been a difficult year locally and globally, and still, this community has prioritized support for Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. Thank you.

We are grateful and inspired to report that in fiscal year 2020, your Library Foundation raised $8,681,094 from 1,546 donors toward the multi-year comprehensive CommonSpark campaign. Your generosity moved the campaign forward and made all the following – and more – possible in FY 2020:

Print and digital resources

Your generosity impacts our whole community by sustaining and growing your Library as a dynamic hub of education, access and opportunity. Thank you for improving lives and building a stronger community.

By the Numbers

Through 20 locations across Mecklenburg County, digital platforms and community outreach services, the Library continues to thrive as a trusted, essential community institution.

The CommonSpark

The CommonSpark is a multi-year, public-private partnership to infuse $135 million into improving lives and building a stronger community in Mecklenburg County. The campaign addresses an integrated set of needs: a new Main Library uptown; a Support Services Center for non-public facing operations; systemwide technology, innovation, programming and annual Library operating support and an endowment for the future.