The North Tryon Neighborhood Challenge

To participate in the North Tryon Neighborhood Challenge with a gift of any size, contact Karen Beach at or 704-416-0802.

Strong Libraries are at the heart of strong communities, and for residents of uptown Charlotte, the new Main Library will be more than a hub of activity and innovation. It will be more than the gateway and heartbeat to a reimagined North Tryon Street corridor.

The new Main will be their neighborhood branch.

Three families with deep roots uptown have come together with a challenge to encourage neighborhood investment in the new Library. The North Tryon Neighborhood Challenge posed by Deidre and Clay Grubb, Susan and Loy McKeithen, and Betty Chafin Rash is an opportunity to raise $400,000 from people who live, work or have interests in the North Tryon neighborhood.

The three families are driven by pride in the neighborhood they call home. They will match gifts dollar for dollar, up to $200,000 – doubling every investment from a North Tryon neighbor. “As reading fanatics and longtime residents of Fourth Ward, the uptown Library is our regular go-to place for books. It’s a vital and indispensable part of our neighborhood,” explains Loy McKeithen.

The new Library brings much more than fresh books to uptown. Betty Rash and her late husband Dennis have left an indelible mark on the city, and she shares her excitement about the Library and surrounding development. “Quite simply, I think the North Tryon Street project with the new Library as the centerpiece is the most exciting uptown development since the construction of the Bank of America Tower and performing arts center.”

The Library will introduce a new service model, offering a platform for programs created and delivered with community partners. The five-story knowledge center will focus on three impact areas: strengthening public engagement, supporting economic opportunity, and connecting community resources. And it will be a regional destination, an inclusive reflection of the rich diversity of our population.

Clay Grubb recognizes the importance of a strong Library in our center city. “We are excited to participate in the North Tryon Neighborhood Challenge to redevelop our Main Library into an architectural gem that will anchor our community. We are especially proud that this project will serve as an inclusive amenity that will be accessible to everyone.”

The Challenge raised over $40,000 in the first week, and as of mid-July, over $159,000 (80% of goal) has been committed from North Tryon neighbors.

To participate in the North Tryon Neighborhood Challenge with a gift of any size, contact Karen Beach at or 704-416-0802.

Did you know?

The Library is funded each year through a variety of public and private sources.

Gifts to the CommonSpark campaign can be of any size and don’t have to be paid immediately.

The CommonSpark is a public-private partnership to infuse $135 Million into improving lives and building a stronger community in Mecklenburg County. To learn more and help ignite The CommonSpark, contact us at or 704-416-0803.

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