Since 1903, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library has been a trusted community anchor, with a mission to improve lives and build a stronger community.

Now, your Library is planning for the next generation. Charlotte Mecklenburg Library will open a knowledge center for the future on the site of today’s uptown branch.

The new Main Library will be an innovative combination of resources, collaborative spaces, technology and cultural experiences that is open to all and that enlightens all. By igniting discussion, activating imaginations and exposing opportunity, the new Main Library will be the flame to which progress is drawn. With Main Library as the programmatic flagship, changes will be felt throughout the Library system.

The CommonSpark addresses an integrated set of needs: a new Main Library uptown; a Support Services Center for back office operations; systemwide technology, innovation and programming; an endowment for the future and annual Library operating support.

A Library sparks a lot of things. We invite you to join us in lighting The CommonSpark, igniting change within the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library system.

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    You found a Book Club Madness II Easter egg. The clue is 1903, the year Charlotte Mecklenburg Library was established.

“Libraries are noble, sacred spaces.”

Lee Keesler
Former Charlotte Mecklenburg Library CEO

“A game-changer for the community.”

Dena Diorio & Commissioner George Dunlap
Mecklenburg County

“What we need for the 21st century.”

Alberto Ibargüen
Knight Foundation

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