The competition has ended. Join us for the next Book Club Madness competition in Fall 2023!

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library Foundation presents the first-ever competition for book clubs. Through a series of five weekly games book club members will win points for their club. 

Much like March Madness, book club teammates can score two pointers, three pointers and free throws for their club, along with fun weekly prizes and bragging rights.  


Book clubs that score at least 100 points will be entered into a drawing for a FREE table for 10 at the 2022 Verse & Vino event on November 10 with an exclusive private audience with a featured author of their choice — a value of over $2,000 (although we think it’s priceless.) 

If you are already planning to come to Verse & Vino, please go ahead and purchase your tickets or table. If you are our winner, we will reimburse you the full amount or you can make your entire purchase price tax-deductible.


Each game will feature new challenges every week like visit a branch, share your favorite book club book, check out a book or e-book, or post a comment on our social media. Each challenge will earn you two points, three points or free throws (a.k.a. one point). Once you complete a challenge (or numerous challenges) enter your points on the Challenges page.

Your points will be added to your book club’s total. The point totals for all participating book clubs will be updated every Friday starting on September 23 on the Leaderboard.


Register online and encourage your book club friends to join as well. Pick a captain for your group (or elect yourself captain!) To participate in the madness, you and your club members must register online before September 13, 2022.

NOTE: Book clubs must have at least 2 registered members to participate. Library staff is not eligible to play, however they are allowed to assist book clubs with filling out the online challenge forms.

Let’s play Book Club Madness!



If your book club doesn’t have a name, be sure to create one so your points go to the right team. Let your book club members know the club’s name.

Need some ideas for a name? Check out this article.


Tell your friends.

Email, call, or text your book club friends and encourage them to register — or just share at your next book club. If you created a name for your book club in the registration, be sure to tell your book club members.

Also, choose a captain. This will be the person we connect with if we have questions about your book club or if you win the Verse & Vino drawing.


Get ready for the first game.

While you can’t score any points yet, take a look at the challenges for the first week and get ready for the madness to begin!