We fuel great programming ideas!

The Library Foundation has created a new opportunity and special fund to support Charlotte Mecklenburg Library staff’s programming efforts and ideas called FLIGHT FUND.

Grant cycle will reopen in May 2023.

NOTE: This fund is for Charlotte Mecklenburg Library staff only. 

What is the Flight Fund?

  • This new fund, administered by the Library Foundation, will infuse dollars into the Library’s programming budget.
  • Funded programs must expand existing programs or develop new programs that align with Library’s programming priorities, are responsive to community needs and advance the Library’s commitment to equitable practices.
  • Each year, the Library provides more than 30,000 programs for customers of all ages in Mecklenburg County. Their budget of $225,000 has been flat over the past 10 years; needs and costs have increased each year. While this fund will not meet every need or gap in programming, it will provide an outlet for staff to try new programming ideas, reach new audiences and be more responsive to what our community needs and wants.
  • The Library Foundation will allocate $25,000 the first year, and if funding is available, will continue annually. Project amounts can range from up to $500 to $2,500. Monies will be awarded twice a year.
  • First application cycle will launch January 2022 (Piloting the Flight Fund!) and second full cycle in May 2023. Deadline to apply for the first flight is by 5:00 pm on Friday, January 20 2023.
  • Documents to assist in your planning and completing the application can be found on FOREWORDnet. (Link can only be accessed by Charlotte Mecklenburg Library staff.)

The Flight Fund team is thrilled to share these examples of successful applications from the February 2023 awards cycle. A few things to note: successful applications clearly address community need with both anecdotal and statistical data, their program narrative is clear, and they implicitly tie the programming to the Library’s commitment to equitable programming for specific populations. Please reach out to FlightFund@cmlibrary.org with any questions.