8 Reasons Why Your Book Club is the Best

During the pandemic, book clubs have been a lifeline. Those literary-focused, often-virtual social events were a welcome distraction from the upheaval in work, school, families, children, and life. Even now when the new normal is starting to become the “normal” normal, our book clubs reignite the joy of friendship and help us rediscover the magic in books.

For the most part our book clubs demand very little of us. Just read a book and show up — and honestly, for a lot of book clubs, reading the book is often optional. Perhaps bring a bottle of wine or a snack to share. At some point everyone gathers, seats in a circle, and someone says “So, what did you think?”

There are so many reasons why we all think our book clubs are special, but here are a few that stand out:

  1. It’s low risk, high reward.
    Maybe you meet once a month, on an evening or a weekend, in a cozy home or bustling coffee shop. You chat for an hour or two. Plus you don’t even have to buy the book — the Library offers book club kits for your club.
  2. It’s an opportunity to see old friends…
    With a set date on the calendar you know that you’ll get a chance to catch up on all the latest updates (a.k.a. gossip) with friends.
  3. …and make some new ones.
    You’re never too old to make a new friend. A book club is the perfect place to meet fellow book lovers with shared interests.
  4. It gets you out of the house (or onto a screen.)
    Breaking up the monotony of daily life with good conversation and familiar faces can often be the difference between a so-so day and a great one. If the pandemic taught us anything, connection with one another is important for our mental health. And speaking of health…
  5. It’s good for your brain.
    Don’t believe it? Check out this article on how reading rewires your brain for higher intelligence and empathy.
  6. Wine.
    There is a reason why we pair “Vino” with “Verse” at our annual gala.
  7. It broadens your horizons.
    “Books can be windows and mirrors into different ways of life,” says Martha Yesowitch, Library community partnerships manager, “It can reflect back things you’re facing in your own life or be a glimpse into experiences that are different from your own.”
  8. And of course, it’s just so much fun!

What makes your book club special? And are you willing to prove it? Join other area book clubs for the first annual Queen City Book Club Madness. Through a series of five weekly games, book club members can score points for their book club. Book clubs that score at least 100 points will be put into a drawing for a FREE table at Verse & Vino on November 10 along with a private audience with a featured author of their choice. Did you see #6 above? Yes, there will be wine.

Registration is now open. Learn more on our Book Club Madness page.


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