More than a Beverage

For Brian Quinn, beer is more than a beverage.

Town Brewing Co’s director of brewery operations talks about beer the way we talk about libraries. “Beer is about connection. People come to our brewery looking for a place to gather, to share ideas – it’s an extension of their living rooms. There’s a story behind every craft beer, and people love that connection to the product and the community. That’s why I love making beer.”

For years, Town Brewing Co has hosted Final Draught and other Library Foundation events, and co-owner Mark Kutny has a long history supporting the Library – so a Library beer was a natural next chapter. The new CommonSpark beer will launch at Town Brewing Co’s Verse & Vino 2021 viewing party, and will be available in grocery and specialty stores soon after. A portion of the proceeds from every beer sold will support the Library’s CommonSpark campaign.

“We’re calling this a Carolina Common Ale, because it will showcase North Carolina growers. It’s a medium bodied beer, not too sweet and not too dry. It will pair well with food, but it’s also good alone. It’s an approachable beer,” says Quinn.

This is Town Brewing Co’s first beer supporting a local organization, and Quinn can’t wait for the debut. “I love launch day. I lurk in the back of the taproom and just watch to see customers’ initial reaction – and I love that this one will launch at a Library event. Some beers I brew for me, and some for customers…this one is for everyone, like our Library.”

CommonSpark beer will be included in all Verse & Vino Date Night and Party Boxes. Or be in the room where it launches, at the Town Brewing Co. viewing party.

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