What are Middle Schoolers Reading?


School starts very soon, and we hope the kids in your lives have been reading all summer!

We asked two middle schoolers – Alex Fleischli and Kathleen Stubbing – what they’ve been reading – and they’re reading a lot!

Alex Fleischli
Alex is an avid reader and rising 7th grader. He’s the son of local author and Library supporter Kimmery Martin Fleischli, and when he’s not reading he enjoys soccer, basketball, swimming and video games.

Alex recommends:

One Of Us Is Lying by Karen McManus. This is a thrilling book about five high school students, each representing a different stereotype, who are all in detention together when one of them is murdered. The other four are the prime suspects and they each have a motive to want the dead kid gone. Is one of them a killer or was this the perfect setup for someone else to commit the crime?

Dear Martin by Nic Stone is a compelling book that I read recently about an African American boy named Justyce. Justyce is at the top of his class in high school and is soon to be attending Yale. He’s arrested when trying to help a woman on the street because of his appearance. Justyce looks to MLK’s teachings for guidance but wonders if they hold up anymore. A year later he and his friend Manny are cruising down the highway with their music turned way up. A white off-duty cop is angry about this and makes some racial comments. When the boys refuse to turn down the music he pulls out a gun and neither Justyce or Manny is safe.

Booked by Kwame Alexander. Booked is a gripping story to me especially because I play soccer and love the sport. Also I like it because Kwame Alexander has a very different style from most authors: his books are almost like rap poems. ( I also loved his books The Crossover and Solo.) This book is about a boy named Nick who adores soccer as does his friend Coby. The two always play soccer together whether it’s on the field or on FIFA. When trying out for competitive travel soccer clubs Nick and Coby get put on different teams. At first the boys are outraged but they soon think of it as more of a competition. Who will win the Dallas Cup? Both of the boys think their team will win, but when the two face off in a match something goes terribly wrong for Nick: his ankle pops and his stomach explodes. Looks like there’s no soccer for awhile, but just how long? Things get even more intense for him from there as his mom leaves town, he encounters a bully, and he develops an interest in a girl.

Kathleen Stubbing
Kathleen is 11 years old and a rising sixth grader at Alexander Graham Middle School. When she isn’t reading, she loves playing sports and hanging out with friends.

Kathleen recommends a few of her favorite series:

The Twisted Tales book series by Liz Braswell offers fairy tales with an ironic twist that helps you see the fairy tale from a different perspective:

Part of Your World asks what would happen if Ariel had never defeated Ursula?

A Whole New World asks what would happen if Aladdin had never discovered the lamp?

This animal series is by Eliot Schrefer. These books involve animals in danger of their surroundings and how they were saved.


Rescued is about a boy named John who has an orangutan named Raja. John tries to get the orangutan back home to Indonesia.

Threatened is about a boy who tries to help an explorer find chimpanzees to make sure they don’t go extinct.

The Theodore Boone book series by John Grisham is about a 13 year old boy who lives in a city called Strattenburg. His parents are attorneys and he likes to learn about the law and sometimes give advice to his friends who are in difficult situations.

Kid Lawyer features a man named Pete Duffy who is on trial for murdering his wife. Theo and his classmates go to watch the first day of the trial.

The Activist is about a bypass planned to run through Strattenburg. Theo tries to help a friend whose grandparents’ land is about to be taken because of the bypass.

The Accused is about a robbery. A computer store and Theo’s locker get robbed and Theo is accused. He tries very hard to prove he didn’t do it.

And one more: The Sunday New York Times. My mother encourages me to read this newspaper because it helps me know what is happening around the world. I am just starting but it has already helped me learn new things.

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