What’s Lee Keesler Reading?

Lee Keesler, Library CEO

Have you wondered what the Library’s CEO is reading? Lee Keesler shared a peek at his personal bookshelf!

La’s Orchestra Saves the World, by Alexander McCall Smith
A sweet love story set in WWII England whose protagonist grows into her best self in the rural British countryside.  She finds a creative way to contribute to the war effort at home.

The Rembrandt Affair, by Daniel Silva
Gabriel Allon solves the murder of an innocent British art restorer and simultaneously stumbles onto those who benefitted from Nazi Germany’s seizure of precious European art from Jews bound for concentration camps.  Classic Silva.

Rather Be the Devil, by Ian Rankin
A recently retired John Rebus connects a 40-year old cold case with recent criminal events that lead him once again into Edinburgh’s seedy underground and its kingpins.

The American Spirit, by David McCullough
A compilation of speeches by America’s best known historian at college commencements, building dedications and other events.  His storytelling makes the case time after time on the importance of history to understanding the current narrative, events and figures.

The Lost Art of Mixing, by Erica Bauermeister
Life and lives happen at Lillian’s restaurant, which attracts an eclectic and lovable mix of men and women of all ages who find happiness through and with each other.

The Oxford Inheritance, Ann McDonald
A daughter goes to Oxford to solve the mystery of her mother’s life, and walks right into a deadly secret British elite society.  A story of personal courage and perseverance in the face of long odds.

He’s Gone, by Deb Caletti
A woman scrambles to solve the mystery of her husband’s disappearance before she becomes the suspect.  Set in Seattle with its distinctive culture and lifestyle.


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