What’s Bill Tome Doing at the Library?


When Library supporter Bill Tome isn’t at his desk at the Mark Oil Company, you might find him at the West Boulevard Library. We asked him how (and why) he uses the Library:

“The Library is so versatile that everyone can have their own reason for going.  Mine is because I own and run a small business and there are a couple employees at my company who find the private rooms a great place to go to concentrate without distractions.  While they (and me at times) frequent the West Boulevard branch, our operations are all over Charlotte so we utilize many of the branches.  While we may be at the Library for work, I always find it relaxing but also motivating to see various people there pursuing their interests.  You have adults reading and doing research on the desktop computers the Library provides, there are children reading and doing their own research on school papers and there are classes being held for adults in particular areas of interest.  In addition, I and my people always find the staff very helpful.

The library is a place of learning and gathering. To me it has always been that way. Though times have changed, it seems we need more and not less of those two qualities.  And the best part is that it can be done in a very relaxing atmosphere.”

How do you use your Charlotte Mecklenburg Library? We’d love to hear – and perhaps feature! – your Library story. Send your story to mbaron@cmlibrary.org.

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